A Las Vegas Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) mentor is a battle-buddy who, through active listening, mentee engagement and discernment helps the veteran mentee navigate VTC, while facilitating the mentee learning experience back into civilian culture and the rediscovery of purpose.  The mission of the Veteran Mentor program is to assist the  mentee through successful completion of the VTC program, helping give a renewed sense of purpose to the veteran…leaving no veteran behind, veteran helping veteran.

The veteran mentor is a relational battle-buddy who is there to be an insightful, non-judgmental, non-critical supporter of their Veterans Treatment Court mentee.  The mentor should be a present source of encouragement for their mentee, ever reminding them to keep their eyes on the mission.  A good rule of thumb is: People do not care how much you know ’til they know how much you care.  Your willingness to be a discerning, patient listener will be the hallmark of your success as a mentor with Veterans Treatment Court.

This mentoring program is built upon a code of honor, which is similar to active duty military service members:  The Warrior Ethos!  A code built upon honor, trust and self-sacrifice, never leaving a brother or sister behind on the battlefield to die, alone.  Yet for many of our returning veterans the real battle waging is within their hearts and minds.  These battles are often referred to as the Silent Wounds of War. As a mentor you are re-committing yourself to the warrior ethos.  Relationships are the cornerstone of any successful program and the heart of the VTC.

If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please fill out the form provided online then submit or email the court coordinator at lvjc.veteranstreatmentcourt@clarkcountynv.gov.  The court coordinator will set up a meeting with you to further discuss the program and from there; you will be contacted for a background check with the County.  Once approved, Richard Small, mentor coordinator, will contact you and set up your first court date.  Thank you for your time, service, and being a hero to our community.